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Ev and Brooks Designs, previously known as Ev & Co, was founded in 2014. Christine Evko, the owner, has always had a strong passion for art and design. After studying at FIT in Manhattan, Christine decided to pursue the art world and all it as to offer. Christine started working as a faux finisher in Long Island and was intrigued with the unlimited possibilities of faux finishes. She went on to start her own faux finishing company but  was starting to fall in love with the world of interior decorating  and got certified as an interior decorator. Soon afterwards, Ev and Brooks Designs was born.  Ev and brooks wants to fully incorporate all the possibilities of faux finishing into interior decorating. Ev and Brooks also promotes local artists and photographers by placing their artwork and photography in residences and commercial spaces. Ev and Brooks is also open to all types of commissioned work. No idea is too small or too big. Give us a call and let us help transform your space!